The Paris Opera House


There are some places in the world that are so beautiful that it almost defies logic. We always speak of the places in nature where God’s hand or Mother Nature’s work simply takes your breath away, but then there are places where the talent of another human seems nearly impossible.

The Paris Opera House is one of those places, a place that has collected the incredible talent of so many for more than a century.

The gilded walls of the Opera House are filled with the ghosts of passion, art and creativity. Like an electric current that uses your heart as a conduit, the history here is palpable.

We toured the Opera House on a whim while we were spending a couple hours in Paris, before heading out to the French countryside. We were able to peek in on the performers rehearsing that evening’s show, then take in the beauty and history of the building.

Even though Jake and Zac are so young, I welcome the opportunity to show them such beauty. The passion, creativity and talent of others has always sparked connections between my mind, my soul and my heart and I hope it does the same for my little guys.


Vegas Baby

Most would consider Las Vegas an adult-only destination, but I will always consider it home.┬áIt’s also the first trip Jake ever took at just three-months-old. Lucky me, he slept the entire five-hour flight.

While the Strip gets the most attention, Las Vegas is also home to some incredible attractions. Whenever we visit we make sure to go hiking as much as possible, especially with my grandma that’s in her 90’s.


Just 17 miles west of the Strip, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is easy to get to. With miles and miles of hiking trails for all levels, as well as rock climbing, horseback riding, biking and more, Red Rock Canyon opens the beautiful Mojave Desert to adventure-seekers of all kinds!

Another amazing stop in Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. In the Boneyard, you will find a representation of Las Vegas’s unique history. The collection of old neon signs is beautiful yet eerie, and a treasury of relics you won’t find in most museums. Just keep in mind, there are hazards and this is not a place to run wild.