The Berghaus Bort in Grindelwald, Switzerland

The Berghaus Bort in Grindelwald, Switzerland is a rustic alpine retreat nestled just off the Bort station of the First Gondola. It’s only reachable by gondola in the winter. So be prepared to dodge skiers, snowboarders and sledgers while you are lugging your kids and bags onto the moving car. It’s not easy to get to, but the charm and views are worth it. The Berghaus Bort offers majestic views of the glorious Swiss Alps in nearly every direction. It’s simple accommodations and mountain-filled fun will make this a memorable stay for you and yours! Berghaus Bort

Borthwick Castle


Borthwick Castle¬†¬†just outside of Edinburgh is an AMAZING hotel! Built in 1430, the castle was once the refuge of Mary Queen of Scots and still bears the damage from Cromwell’s cannons.

It is one of my favorite hotels because it gives you such a unique and authentic experience.


Inside we crept up the tiny spiral stairwells to our rooms, we had dinner in the Grand Hall, then headed to the State Room for drinks. We played croquet on the front lawn. We slept in the Mary Queen of Scots room, which had a hidden door to the State Room. We spent the night like royalty and we LOVED it!

We even had a ghost visit our room. Door knobs rattled with no one there. Heavy wooden doors swung open on their own and I slept better than I ever had before.