Hi, I’m Danielle (Mom), the little man in the middle is Zac and the happy guy on the left is Jake…

We try to spend as much time traveling, exploring or just being out of the house as possible.

We take every adventure that we can whether it is a 45 minute drive to a 10+ hour flight and everything in between. The cast of characters that we travel with changes and most of the time we even bring Dad.

Together we challenge the notion that kids only enjoy “family-friendly” things and that adults only enjoy “grown-up” activities. Together we enjoy good restaurants, Broadway shows, ballets, museums, historical sites, sports events, nature and, yes, amusement parks and games.

There is so much to love about this world, why limit it. After all, I’m trying to cultivate humans while refusing to grow up and loose the wonder I have for the world…

From 1 to 99 fun is fun!!!

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