The Italian Lifestyle… swoon!


We went to Italy for my brother’s wedding with about 150 of our closest friends and family. The first week of the trip was dedicated to the wedding, the second week we took a familymoon with a group of about 15.

In all of our travels we’ve found virtually everywhere to be very warm and welcoming to children, but Italy is on a whole other level. There, the children seem to take centerstage and I’m just in awe of their lifestyle. Everyone has their own gardens, food is made from scratch with such passion and the art of simply enjoying life is ingrained in the culture.

We began our trip in Santa Maria di Castellabate, which is in the province of Salerno. It attracts a lot of tourist, but mainly other Italians on their summer holiday. During the day, the azure beaches are busy. At night and even into the wee morning hours, the streets are filled with families. Kids are sleeping in their strollers or eating gelato or listening to the parents lively conversations over wine at the piazza. It was wonderful!

Pompeii is nearby and even at just five-years-old, Jake loved it!

From Castellebate we headed to Puglia and stayed in the most incredible masseria, or old farm house. Set among the ancient olive orchards, the Masseria Montenapoleone dates back to the 1600’s. This beautifully renovated bed and breakfast features an incredible restaurant, stunning pool, and fun options for cooking classes. The property is also ripe with fig, lemon and almond trees where you can pick fruit and eat it right from the tree outside your room. The masseria is also just a short drive from I Trulli, Ostuni and more incredible beaches. In fact, you can snorkel at an ancient ship wreck just off the beach.


We finished our trip in Rome where Jake was awed by the great Colosseum, the ancient city, the Borghese Gallery and the underground catacombs. We booked a private tour, which is the way to go. Not only are they affordable, but they are easily customized. There are many companies to choose from including Private Tour of Rome and Rome Private Guides.




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