Down Under and Wild!

img_1632I could write ten posts on Australia and I probably will. It is one of my most favorite places in the world. It’s wild and adventurous and FUN! Although it can be very dangerous, the culture in its fearlessness somehow reassures you that it’s safe. When all that separates you from a potentially fatal box jellyfish sting is a thin piece of nylon, it reminds you just how wild the world really is.

The first time I took Jake to Australia was when he was four. My mom, my sister, Jake and I went to visit my brother and his wife, that were living in Australia at the time. The 30+ travel-time and flight were surprisingly a breeze. Jake was a champ, Qantas is amazing and we watched TV and slept.

This trip opened Jake’s eyes to the exotic beauty of the natural world and how amazing the animal kingdom is.

One of our first stops was the Whitsundays. We took a boat tour, where we swam at Whitehaven Beach, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef (Jake’s first snorkeling adventure) and went barefoot hiking. Jake loved it and so did we. Although, in all honesty, the box jellyfish were scary, but we kept our fingers crossed and wore our supplied stinger suits.

We also loved Australia’s zoos. Two of our favorite were The Australia Zoo and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Both zoos put an emphasis on conservation and education. Jake was able to see animals up close, which he loved and I hope opened his eyes to the responsibility he has to protect our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Australia is incredibly beautiful and full of adventure for all ages!

Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay

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